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About Burnaby for Burnaby, British Columbia and Area

When you want to know Burnaby, British Columbia

Overview of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

The city of Burnaby is located immediately east of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. Burnaby was incorporated as a municipality in 1892 and as a city in 1992. The modern city has changed from a rural region, to one of Vancouver's suburbs, to a largely urban and industrialized city. Burnaby features extensive commercial centers, a productive economy, advanced transit systems, technological research, unique heritage sites and museums, extensive art galleries, major post-secondary institutions and beautiful natural landscapes. Politically, the city's residents are generally left of center, and are renowned for their unique cultural events and celebrations that occur annually.

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History of Burnaby, British Columbia

The modern city of Burnaby was named after the explorer, speaker, freemason, and legislator Robert Burnaby. Robert Burnaby surveyed a lake near the modern city's centre, and the lake was thus named Burnaby Lake. Upon Burnaby's incorporation as a municipality in 1892, the regions residents unanimously voted in favour of the lake's name as the city's. Following incorporation, Burnaby grew as a result of its close location to Vancouver and New Westminster. In 1992, the Burnaby was granted official city status.

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Burnaby's Demographics

The city of Burnaby, British Columbia, had a population of 193,954 in 2001, up by 8.2% from the 1996 estimate. 21.2% of Burnaby residents are Roman Catholic, 19.8% Protestant, 8.3% other Christian, 4.8% Muslim, 4.9% Buddhist, and 41% are non-religious or believe in another faith.

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Burnaby's Climate

Burnaby, British Columbia, is prone to cold winters, fair summers, and relatively high levels of rain.

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Education in Burnaby, British Columbia

Burnaby, British Columbia, offers numerous elementary and secondary schools for youth, the St. Thomas More Collegiate Private School, and major post-secondary institutions, such as the British Columbia Institute of Technology and Simon Fraser University.

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Transportation around Burnaby, British Columbia

Burnaby, British Columbia, is served by Greater Vancouver's bus system and the SkyTrain rapid transit system that crosses Burnaby twice. Significant east-west routes crossing Burnaby include Hastings Street, Lougheed Highway, Barnet Highway, Marine Drive, and the Kingsway. Major north-south streets that cross through Burnaby are North Road, Gaglardi Way, Sperling Avenue, Willingdon Avenue, Royal Oak Avenue, and Boundary Road.

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Tourism and Attractions of Burnaby

Tourist attractions of Burnaby, British Columbia, include art galleries, heritage sites, gardens, beautiful lakes and beaches, and extensive parks and trails. The city's Burnaby Village Museum is popular amongst tourists, featuring a rediscovery of the region's heritage from May to September and Christmas time through costumed townsfolk giving presentations and providing hands-on activities. Burnaby is also home to the beautiful Century Gardens and the extensive and exquisite Burnaby Art Gallery.

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Surrounding Communities

  • Burnaby
  • Maillardville

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Geography of Burnaby, British Columbia

Burnaby, British Columbia, is located in the centre of the Greater Vancouver Regional District, and occupies 98.6 square kilometres. The topography of Burnaby is one of ridges, valleys, hills, and plains. The city is bounded by the Fraser River to the south, Burrard Inlet to the north, Vancouver to the west, and Coquitlam and Port Moody to the west. Burnaby's elevation ranges from 0 to 370 meters above sea level.

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Burnaby's Government

Burnaby is governed by a mayor, Derek Corrigan and eight elected councillors. The political views of Burnaby's residents, both on the provincial and national level, have been primarily centre-left, although that trend is not always consistent. The current Members of Parliament representing the city, however, are both members of the New Democratic Party.

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Burnaby's Economy and Industry

Heavy industry in Burnaby, British Columbia, includes Chevron Corporation and Petro-Canada. Burnaby's economy is largely led by these industries, as well as significant corporate firms such as Ballard Power Systems, TELUS, Creo, and Ebay.

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Burnaby's Culture and Significant Events

British Columbia's Burnaby features great cultural diversity, with many residents born in places as varied as Italy, China, former Yugoslavia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The city's culture is also unique in its emphasis on the arts, which is especially demonstrated in the Burnaby Art Gallery that works with youth and community groups to enrich both the museum and the community at large. Burnaby also hosts many significant events, such as the rhododendron festival, youth week, community fair's and much more!

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Sports in Burnaby, British Columbia

There are numerous recreational sporting opportunities available to Burnaby's residents and tourists, including ice skating, archery fields, tennis courts, field sports, hiking, skiing, snowboarding and water sports.

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Media of Burnaby

Although the city of Burnaby, British Columbia, is largely served by Vancouver's media, the city has local media sources as well. These include the Burnaby Now newspaper and Simon Fraser's CJSF 90.1 FM radio station.

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